Night life / Nuit

8/14< >


62 Ave C
Between 4th & 5th Streets
New York, NY 10009

Open Daily 8pm-4am

Ouvert 7/7 de 20h à 4h

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TAGS : bar | club | concert | east village | music

This welcoming performance space and lounge, owned and operated by musician and composer Ilhan Ersahin, can be found on the east side of Avenue C, up the steps of a green covered awning. At the door, where there is a friendly doorman (probably the fantastic lyricist Malik), you will be asked for a $5 - $10 cover charge for the show, and the nightly jazz, world music and other avant garde sets are definietly well worth the price. Once inside, past the heavy drapes, Nublu is a relaxed and comfortable space which tends to get crowded and sweaty as the night progresses. Show usually begin around 10pm, and the artists performing live music -- usually members of Wax Poetic, Brazilian Girls and more -- are sure to delight anyone who appreciates the art of music-making. In between sets DJs spin an ecletic mix of music you'll want to write down and buy for your own collection -- much of it supported by Nublu records -- in front of a projection screen displaying an array of artistic visuals. And don't be surprised if you witness, at some point in the night, many of the patrons put down their drinks, pick up instruments and start playing. Highly recommended!

Note: Check out P.NY's "special events" to see what's going on at Nublu every week.

Difficile de tomber par hasard sur le Nublu, espace de performance et lounge tenu par le musicien Ilhan Ersahin, puisque seule une minuscule étoile bleue éclairée par une ampoule de cent watt vous guide jusqu’à cet endroit. Le videur risque de vous réclamer 10 dollars pour l’entrée. A l’intérieur, la tempéraure du Nublu monte vite, le lieu est souvent bondé et l’on se fait surprendre par les performances live, commencant aussi bien à 22 heures qu’à minuit, les membres de Wax poetic ou encore les Brazilian Girls viennent souvent jouer.
La nuit se poursuit avec des dj-sets éclectiques allant de la techno à des beats world, des visuels artistiques sont également projetés. Hautement recommandé. MG