Night life / Nuit

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62 Ave C
Between 4th & 5th Streets
New York, NY 10009

Please see P.NY listing under "Clubs" for complete information about Nublu.

Mondays: The Nublu Orchestra is multi-instrument, avant garde and conducted by Butch Morris who is simply amazing to watch. Dodo Mystic spinns.

Tuesdays: Shitty Shitty jam band featuring the boys from Brazilian Girls. Kingston 19 spinns.

Wednesdays: A Brazilian party featuring live music by Forro in the Dark with Greg spinning...more Brazilian music! Prepare to MOVE!

Thursdays: The REAL LIVE SHOW features hip hop, jazz and funk with Malik and Ian, aka Dionysos and Stimulus, and Renochild on the wheels of steel.

Fridays: "I Led 3 Lives" (Ilhan Ersahin, Juini Booth & Joechen Rueckert) performs, Betty Black is on at 10pm with Sylvia from Kudu. Probus spinns.

Saturdays: Love Trio performs (Jesse Murphy of Brazilian Girls, Ilhan Ershain of Nublu and Kenny Wollesen), Gypsy Bogden spinns from 10pm - 11pm.

Sundays: The ladies represent as Karina Zeviani performs and Meera (also the cutie bartender of Nublu) spinns.

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