Night life / Nuit

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205 Chrystie Street
at Stanton Street
New York, NY 10002
+1 212 477 6688

Mon-Sat: 10pm-4am; closed Sunday

Lun-sam : 22h-4h, fermé le dimanche

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TAGS : club | electro | karaoke | lower east side

Dance, drink and sweat on either level of this popular Lower East Side club. The decor upstairs gives the feeling that you are in Warhol's Factory and the club's low ceilings and limited seating downstairs means the dance floor is packed with models, actors, hipsters, artists and locals of all varieties. Every club on weekends in NYC is populated with suburban thrill-seekers (AKA "bridge and tunnel" crowd) so be prepared to be bumped around by very drunk people on these nights as 205, cool as it can be, is no exception. Don't forget to tip the bathroom attendants!

If you want to feel like a star, check out karaoke at 205 on Monday nights.