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Greenwich Village location:
9 Greenwich Avenue
Between West 10th & Christopher Streets
New York, NY 10014
+1 212 924 0604

Noho Location:
317 Lafayette Street
Between Bleecker & Houston Streets
New York, NY 10012
+1 212 965 8248

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Since opening in the West Village five years ago, Zachary’s Smile has offered a large, well edited, and reasonably priced collection of women’s vintage clothing and accessories, as well as unique offerings from emerging designers. Today, with a second location in Noho and a popular house designed label that was one of the top 3 selling brands at Barneys Co-op last summer, ZS continues to grow. Three years after its conception, the house label has evolved into three distinctly different collections.

-9 Greenwich Ave. by Zachary's Smile: This collection is modern, easy sportswear and is always made with new textiles.

-remake / remodel: This is what put Zachary’s Smile on the map and what makes them special. Portions of each garment are cut from an article of vintage clothing, making each piece unique.

-White Label by Zachary's Smile: This new collection is constructed using fine textiles such as silks and woolens. It does not incorporate vintage fabric, but it is the more intricate of the three house labels and is often inspired by vintage looks.

When it comes to their vintage collection, the focus is on great pieces rather than specific designers. The atmosphere in both locations is cheerful and welcoming, and the super friendly staff has been praised on a many a fashion blog. Clients include Chloe Sevigny, and Sarah Jessica Parker, who named Zachary’s Smile her favorite NYC vintage shop in an issue of the Japanese magazine 'Spur'. Other accolades include ‘Best Vintage Spot’ from the Time Out New York Shopping Awards and ‘Best Vintage Mix’ from the NYC edition of Sheckey’s Shopping guide.

Ouvert en 2002, Zachary’s smile offre à un prix raisonnable une sélection remarquable de vêtements vintage, d’accessoires et de chaussures, ainsi que des collections faites par des créateurs émergents et trois marques “maison”.

Les trois marques de Zachary’s smile sont dessinées par la propriétaire, Kristi Paras et la styliste Jenni Nelson, et fabriquées éthiquement en Amérique du Nord. Les voici :

- 9 Greenwich Ave.
Une collection sportswear moderne et facile à porter, employant des matières neuves.

- Remake / Remodel
Cette collection fait de nous une personne spéciale sur Terre. Chaque pièce est unique puisqu’elle intègre au vêtement neuf des textiles vintages.

- White Label
Cette fois-ci les matières sont “nobles” comme la laine, le crêpe et la mousseline de soie. Aucun ancien vêtement n’est utilisé dans la fabrication, mais les looks sont souvent inspirés de modèles vintages.

Zachary’s smile favorise davantage les pièces étonnantes que des créateurs en particulier. La boutique de Greenwich Village vient d’être agrandie et un nouvel emplacement est désormais ouvert au 317 Lafayette Street. Ses clients incluent Chloe Sevigny et Sarah Jessica Parker, qui ont élu Zachary’s smile, meilleur spot vintage à NYC dans le magazine japonais “Spur”.