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110 Saint Marks Place
New York NY 10009
+1 212 533 3299

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Among an ever-changing restaurant scene and flows of shiny new bars, The Crooked Tree, an East Village institution, resides serenely on St Marks Place. No need for this café-restaurant to be a show off. Its charm is, and has been for the past decade, sheer and 100% natural. At its opening in 1998, two brothers decided to throw some of their French fiber in their culinary selection and elected ‘the Crepe’ as their specialty. The menu spans a colorful palette of savory and sweet crepes that have the ability to make most Frenchmen bleak. Besides tantalizing crepes, The Crooked Tree serves what is called an ‘East Village fusion cuisine’. This is a mixture of fresh salads, hot and cold sandwiches, original burgers, daily made soups and crunchy waffles. The Crooked Tree wears different attires. As much as it is a hangout café in the day time, where mental procrastination is allowed, when light fades away and candles are sprinkled over the tables, this cozy space transforms into an intimate diner spot. Its small capacity sets a convivial atmosphere initiating spontaneous encounters but manages to leave enough space for privacy. Today the Crooked Tree team has expanded to a heterogeneous New Yorker staff which adds to the charisma of the service assuring an exclusive New York experience. -AG